Kuwait, Earth, the Universe & Engineering Our World
More than 70 exhibits across two galleries, Kuwait, Earth, Universe and Engineering Our World, complete with a three-story interactive exhibit tower, will invite visitors to explore their relationship to their city, the world, and beyond, explore physics phenomena, hone their problem-solving skills, and spark their imaginations.
Responsibilities: Director of Exhibition Design; set up and implement systems to manage large scale projects; design leadership; exhibit design (including the design of the interior architecture, individual exhibits and experiences, and exhibit vocabulary); art direction for graphic designer and media; oversight of exhibit development, engineering, and fabrication; client and architect liaison
Project type: Exhibition Design
Location: Salmiya, Kuwait
Size of project: 18,000 sq. ft.
Team: Exploratorium, Pace Architecture, KFAS, Jill Randerson Exhibit Management, Science Museum Minnesota (Media), Pacific Studio (Exhibit Fabrication)
Open: 2024

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