The ORIGEN Museum is the main visitor center for the Springs Preserve, a 180-acre complex on the site of the original springs that supplied water to the city of Las Vegas. Exhibits explore the ways that water has, paradoxically, determined the geology, ecology and cultural history of this desert region. 40,000 square feet of interior and exterior exhibits, including live animals, foster an appreciation for the survival strategies of plants, animals and human cultures in the harsh environment of the Mojave Desert. The exhibits draw attention to the contemporary challenges of preserving the cultural and natural resources of the region.
Responsibilities: Team leadership; exhibit design (including the design of interior architecture and individual interactive exhibits); model building; art direction for graphics and media; illustration; fabrication and installation oversight; project management; client and vendor liaison
Project type: Exhibition Design
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Size of project: 75,000 sq. ft.
Team: West Office Exhibition Design, Nassal (Fabrication), Pacific Studio (Fabrication), Red Gypsy (Media), BBI (AV Hardware Integration)
Open: June 2007
Photos: Courtesy, West Office Exhibition Design

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