Shanghai Natural History Museum
China’s growing international status signals a responsibility to construct a more harmonious and sustainable relationship with nature and to model environmental awareness for the rest of the world. The Shanghai Natural History Museum leads the way in educating the public and shepherding the country into a more sustainable future. 
The storyline of the museum traces the evolution of the universe from the big bang, through the successive eras of geological change and the evolution of life, to the present. Exhibits not only investigate how the ever changing physical conditions of the planet effect the diversity of life found here, but also explore how the natural environment gave shape to the early development of civilizations across the globe. 
Responsibilities: Interpretive planning; exhibit design (including the design of interior architecture, individual exhibits, and exhibit vocabulary); art direction (for graphics and media); curation; oversight of exhibit development; oversight of local Mandarin-speaking design and detailing staff; client liaison; management of the Shanghai studio
All renderings shown here are by local staff in 3D Studio Max under my direction. All final design drawings were produced in AutoCAD by me or under my direction.
Project type: Exhibition Design
Location: Shanghai, PRC
Size of project: 108,000 sq. ft.
Team: Gallagher & Associates Asia, Perkins & Will (Architecture), Spinifex (Media)
Open: 2015
Photos: Courtesy, Gallagher & Associates Asia

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