Kiewit Luminarium
Kiewit Luminarium is a place to explore astonishing phenomena and learn with your hands. It aims to inspire lifelong interest and careers in science, technology, and engineering.
Of Kiewit Luminarium’s four main galleries, my role was to design and develop two: an architectural-scale, iconic, multistory tower and a gallery exploring different aspects of being human.
The tower, known as The Grid, invites you to consider the innovation, technology, and skills we each use daily in the care of our belongings and communities. See oneself reflected in stories of local residents, and try one's hand at basic making, tending, and repair.
In Building Self & Community, visitors explore different aspects of being human – how each one of us is both a unique individual and part of a larger social world. This comfortable and inviting space supports curious exploration of topics that can be self-revelatory, sociable, and sensitive. Zoom in to see how cells make up a person, then zoom out to explore how people make up a society.
Responsibilities: Exhibit design (including interpretive planning, the design of interior architecture, individual exhibits, and exhibit vocabulary); mentorship of design team; development of fabrication strategies; architect liaison
Project type: Exhibition Design
Location: Omaha, NE
Size of project: 80,000 sq. ft.
Team: Exploratorium, HDR (Architecture), USA (Fabrication), Kiewit Construction (Fabrication)
Open: 2023
Photos: Courtesy, Exploratorium

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