Health Happens Here!
Beyond doctors, diet and exercise, our health—and even our life expectancy—depends on
the places where we live, learn, work and play. Health Happens Here! aims to shift Californians’
thinking about “health.” It presents a range of interactive types, from multi-touch AV to
full-body interaction, and from single user to cooperative challenges.

The kid-friendly challenges explore connections between health and a variety of issues facing California
communities, including food access, urban sprawl, public education, equity, environmental issues and
more. Visitors acquire “health points” at each of the challenges and are invited to redeem their points for
actual donations to select charities across California. 

Responsibilities: Exhibit design (including the design of interior architecture and individual interactive exhibits); media development; project management; client liaison
Project type: Exhibition Design
Location: Sacramento, CA
Size of project: 2,500 sq. ft.
Team: West Office Exhibition Design, Pacific Studio (Fabrication), and Richard Lewis Media Group (Media)
Open: 2012
Photos: Courtesy, West Office Exhibition Design

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