Ciencia Publica Agua
The parklet—a temporary public space the size of two parking spaces—holds exhibits on the theme of water and sustainable water use, including a desalination pump, a rain gauge, and a low-evaporation plant watering device. Seating and greenery, including food plants free for harvesting by locals, make the parklet a comfortable and attractive neighborhood space.
Ciencia Pública, an NSF funded project to support informal science education, created an informal science learning space accessible to all members of the Mission neighborhood.
Responsibilities: Lead student listening sessions; concept design through installation; reconsider the initial rough prototype and redesign the parklet for permanent exhibition at its Valencia Street location; illustration; permitting; fabrication and installation oversight. 
Project type: Public space-making
Location: San Francisco, CA
Size of project: 324 sq. ft.
Team: Exploratorium, teachers, parents, and students from Buena Vista Horace Mann School, Paul Troutman (Fabrication & Installation)
Open: 2018
Photos: Courtes, Exploratorium

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