Art Sparks
The three key points of the family-oriented interactive art space are Noticing, Making and Talking. Accordingly, the space starts with visitors looking at art pieces before moving on to creating something of their own and then finally interacting with each other over games and discussions to reflect on what they’ve learned. By engaging with younger as well as older audiences, Art Sparks is an initial example of the new Speed Art Museum's emerging theme of bridging the past with the present and future.
Responsibilities: Interpretive planning; exhibit design (including the design of interior architecture, individual exhibits, and exhibit vocabulary); art direction (for graphics and media); oversight of exhibit development and fabrication 
Project type: Exhibition Design
Location: Louisville, KY
Size of project: 4,000 sq. ft.
Team: Exploratorium, Speed Art Museum
Open: March 2016
Photos: Courtesy, Exploratorium & Speed Art Museum

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